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Room 9 - Two Double Beds, The Brainard Room

The history of the Brainard fmaily and ranch, in Hemphill County since 1886, parallels, intersects, winds around and tell the story of the Canadian, its heritage of family ranches, working cowboys, rancher turned business entrepreneur and 140 yrear of holding on, developing new and building better.  Decor in this room with two double beds, our signature luxury linens, and six foot cast iron soaker tub features art reflecting the many firsts the 5 generation family brought to Canadian, development of the Hereford cattle breed, the orgination of the Southwestern Stockmen's Association, the first and only building owned and maintained by a local Women's Christian Temperance Union, now Canadian's library, ther rist of the ranch town home's that today are still teh highight of Canadian's historic tours.